Shortly after Steve Graduated Art School with a Distinction he landed his first

Commercial Illustration job with the emerging Computer gaming industry his first title

was Robozone.

Soon after Steve worked for many companies producing Box Art for such titles as Hiemdall

and European Soccer Games.

Steve began to work on many different projects from Book Illustration

to poster Art. He even produced a set of illustrations used

to create a set of ceramics depicting Fantasy Scenes. In-between commercial

Commissions Steve worked in Mural art and produced large scale wall art

for Football Celebrities including Jamie Redknapp. Steve also produced a massive

Mural of the Liverpool water front which you can still see today in a Building in Cook Street


Steve began exhibiting his work in Shows and comic cons around the UK and USA.

He would put on Live airbrush Demonstrations whilst selling art to the public. As well

as the public attending these events Many Celebrities from Film and TV would guest appear.

Among the most notable artwork Steve sold in those years were to Dave Prouse {Darth Vader}

Shirley Eaton {Goldfinger} and Rutger Hauer {Blade Runner} These were portraits of their famous characters.

In the Early 2000’s Steve found himself working on his first film Job as a Storyboard Artist.This film was

‘The Tell Tale Heart’ and was Photographed by the Legendary Jack Cardiff {African Queen}.

Steve then storyboarded the Feature 7 Lives with Danny Dyer.Steve also created storyboards for Ads for companies like Carlsberg and Gillette. Steve began to create Concept art for US Production companies like Blacklight Transmedia. Steve worked on many productions independent and studio based most notably the BBC and Working Title.

Steve began to experiment with 2D Animation and had his first films selected

for The Horror Film festival London and the Milan Short Film festival Judged by Paul Verhoven and Ridley Scott.

Steve began to collaborate with Wayne Daniells, Wayne taking on VFX,Editing and Sound Whilst Steve Directed and Animated.

Together The produced Skinjob a Short Film set in the Blade Runner Universe. Which has enjoyed success being

selected by many Film festivals including Cannes and Bafta.

Steve continues to provide storyboards and concept art for Film and TV as well as creating 2D Animations.